January 7th, 2004

Neko (lofulah)

The situation I'm in right now...

...or so it feel like it.. (it's a MUD reference. You may not understand.)

<87hp 50m 12v> n
You go north.

It's a Trap!
You have fallen and you can't get up.

<87hp 50m 10v> n
You can't go that way.

<87hp 50m 10v> u
You can't go that way.

<87hp 50m 10v> d
You can't go that way.

<87hp 50m 10v> e
You can't go that way.

<87hp 50m 10v> w
You can't go that way.

<87hp 50m 10v> s
You can't go that way.

<87hp 50m 10v> recall
You're cursed and can not recall right now.

...it's just.. each day, I come home, try to do homework, fall asleep because I just can't stay awake any longer for a several hours, end up staying up very late (3-5 AM) and not getting sleep, which makes me tired the next day and so I struggle through school, then come home, try to do homework, fall asleep because I just can't stay awake any longer... You get the point. Stupid endless cycle. And I can't do anything about it right now like put everything off until the day it's due, because I'm already doing that... and because I have something large and time consuming due each day of the week. ::sighs and curls up in a miserable little ball to go sleep::
Neko (lofulah)

Fonts, fonts, fonts!

=^.^= Lookie, lookie, I've made a font index/catalog thingie!

I never knew iView Media Pro handled these things. I've always only used it to sort pictures and images and stuff. So cool. I promise I'll actually buy the full version when I have money. It's worth it, whatever its current shareware pricing is.

I need more cool fonts. Got suggestions/links/donations?

And I'm wondering if there's any type of font that MacOS X doesn't handle. It seems to work with ttf (truetype fonts, I think?) for windows just fine (as you can see).

Wonder if there's a limit to the number of fonts I can load at once...?

And I'm impressed with the Font Book included in 10.3. It's pretty, not too hard to use, and, like all other library/sorting type applications that apple makes, somewhat stubborn. You don't _have_ to copy the font onto the root font directory, you know. Check and see if the fonts are already under the root font directory and if they're just under a subdirectory, and if they are, don't move them out of the folder. I have my own organization preferences. Eh well, it's not like I'll be using it to organize and sort my fonts, although I may eventually need to do that. ::shrugs:: we shall see.

The majority of the fonts that are prettyish are from this site:
and the top ten from:
http://www.flashkit.com/fonts/ (link from Karthik)

I need to figure out a way to set up DeepVacuum to grab all the fonts from the latter site. It looks like the fonts are all hosted on the same server, which means I could just limit recursive grabbing to that server only. Hmmm.......