January 17th, 2004

Neko (lofulah)

Melly, this scares me...

What the holy...??

I think it was suppose to be really funny. But yes. Killing would be nice now. Ugh. Watching that reminds me of watching Sailor Moon and the Seven Balls or whatnot so many years ago in crappiness. 'cept that was actually somewhat coherent with the fucking, although the flying balls and random sex changes was bad... And to clarify, Sailor Moon and the Seven Balls was NOT at all arousing.

And no, Lily, if you're reading this (doubt you are), I didn't pay for it. It was on a free hotline server that had warez and anime and porn all mixed up together.

You know what, I'm going to go watch that hour long Naruto episode.
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Neko (lofulah)

AIR - summerwinds

That commercial is beautiful... Not as good as the Azurewinds one, but.. ::shrugs:: I'm still amazed at how awesome commercials can get. And like Azurewinds, they used a minimal amount of animation... mostly it was fades in, fade out, moving text, etc.

And the Battle Royale II turned out to be raw. Just opened it to start watching. ::growls:: ::watches anyways:: must check to see if a subbed one has been released...

Eiiiii, MacOS X on the iBook in Battle Royale II!

[ edit | oh, haha, I'm stupid. Battle.Royale.2.(2003).DvdRip.Proper.Complete-SaM-rar.torrent is probably the subtitles files, isn't it. ::waits for it to download - stupid server error:: ]