January 19th, 2004

Neko (lofulah)

You know...

mmm, VPC6 download running at 270 KB/s. Very Nice. Uploads at 2 KB. I'm such a leecher. Eh, well, most likely it'll just be another run, test, nah-I'll-never-use-this, and trash piece of software.

Why would anyone want iLife..? Heck, why is it on BitTorrent...? o.O

weirdos. I suppose GarageBand might be useful to some people, but iMovie, iPhoto, and iTunes can all be downloaded free from apple... right? so weird...

And defragging my hd did help... now iTunes doesn't take forever to load (iTunes now loads in half a dockbounce instead of 10. System boots in about a minute and a half instead of three or four. So Lady may wish to give defragmenting your hard disk a try.. do it overnight/overday when you don't need the computer or would like to keep yourself off the computer. I'll bring in the CD monday.)... and overall the system's running faster. Or maybe that's just because the iMac is handling the webserving. I should copy the files and database back... _should_

...but it's not like my sister uses her iMac as much as I use my computer... I wish I had time to read into how to distribute the webserving weight over multiple system...

Also wish I had time to try installing mySQL, perl, and apache onto my old mac... maybe it could do webhosting..? o.O it is hooked up the internet, after all... just turned off most of the time. Need to take a look at the linux on mac site, if I can find it again. I think I'll be more comfortable working in the linux environment when it comes to webhosting and stuff like that.

I really should force myself to study. ::sighs::
Neko (lofulah)

Links for future reference...

Upload through HTML: [ http://codewalkers.com/tutorials/48/1.html ]

Apache mod_proxy. Particularly for the reverse proxy for caching requests and speed up access... or split incoming queries to two different systems. [ http://httpd.apache.org/docs/mod/mod_proxy.html ]

...not that these things really matter, since I'm not going to be home that much longer. Still, getting something like that to work would be cool.

yeah... running the webserver does seem to slow down the computers. I'm want to figure out why.. there wasn't so much of a resource drain before. I think it might be the memcaching... we don't have 10GB sets of ram here, unlike Livejournal.com. :P And there doesn't seem to be a way to disable it... so I don't even know if it's running. I suppose it could be the database as well. I'm not too sure... wish I knew more about how it works. I should read those eTexts that I got a while ago... some 55 MB of information... O'reilly books, I think they were. ::sighs:: Damnit, I need more time.

::slaps 'her' own hand:: Need to get to work, child.
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