May 23rd, 2004

Neko (lofulah)


A dream...
I'm dreaming a dream...
A dream I dream every day..
An endless dream...
I remember...
I remember...
I remember!
It's okay, I remember...
When was it, that my dream became endless?
Far, far in the past?
Or was that just a few minutes ago?
Even the answer to that has faded into the dream...
and I can only wait, in the river of time,
that I'm not sure is even moving...
-Kanon, episode 1, OP.

Skimmed through it, seems like another random silly oh so many girls for one boy anime.
Neko (lofulah)

Mood Themes

For people who don't read paidmember and are/is/am/whatever a paid LJ user, Mood Themes can now be edited without the hassle of the consolethingie.

Yeah. Expect a similar update over at IBCorner if I ever get around to running a CVS update. (or code update, whatever)

Also need to take a look and see if I can make a small script to automatically upload large files to elsewhere... That will probably be the semi-final step to the pre-moving IBCorner to another server.

And also, there's now:
-- thread freezing/unfreezing
-- deleting threads in addition to just single comments
-- community invite stuff
-- multi-homed userprops (reduces global load)
-- limiting the number of subject lines to load in deep threads (if too deep, shows "..." as subject)
-- mood theme editor
-- stuff for fotobilder (!!!)
Posted by BradFitz in LJ_Support.

May have to make sure I work in freezing/unfreezing support for Xella's S2 layout.