May 24th, 2004

Neko (lofulah)

Yahoo Messenger

Collecting people's screen names... Typically, I go by "Viktaren" and I probably will stay with that one, now that Adium supports Yahoo. I know I have Lady's and Senpai's...
Neko (lofulah)

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I'm finally getting Lunar and Lunar 2, so I won't be bored over the summer. Hey, I still need to finish Chrono Cross, must not forget.

To Do:
-Tell Karen about the Chinese Honor Society thing. 7:30-9, auditorium
-Tell others about it as well, because we don't trust Ouqi to remember
-Tell Mom about it and check date/time/schedule
-Tell Mom about choir thingie wednesday? 7:30?
-Bring in Atlas, find Hines at lunchtime
-Bring in All Other Textbooks
-Finish English Journal (ACK! OMG.)
-Finish Xella's layout

Have done:
-History senior final: bah. I forgot and mixed up a few dates. And I wasn't born 1986 :P so I couldn't put that down... couldn't remember people's birthdays either. Not fair. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll get a 22/25
Neko (lofulah)

What the...

Why in the holy hell do I have console.log files running up to 1.5+GB? The one that's currently being written to is 477MB in length...

Jeeze, and I wonder where all my hard disk space goes......

I need something to read the damn thing. BBEdit isn't loading it (too large), vi doesn't want to, tail is too short, Console is going to crash now that I've hit cmd-r and told it to load the entire file....

[ edit | well, ok, so a good number of the error messages include stuff from carrafix complaining that the queue is full and that it's releasing packets, as well as bittorrent complaining that I have too many open files at once. ]
Neko (lofulah)

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1066 – Battle of Hastings
1215 – Magna Carta Signed
1453 – End of 100 Years’ War; British lose France
31 Oct. 1517 – Martin Luther posts his 95 theses; beginning of Protestant Reformation
1588 – War of the Three Henries
1588 – Defeat of Spanish Armada; beginning of Britain’s naval supremacy
*25 March 1634 – Maryland founded
1648 – Treaty of Westphalia ends 30 Years’ War
1688 – “Glorious Revolution” brings William and Mary to British Throne
14 July 1789 – Storming of the Bastille
1812 – Napoleon crushed by Russians, abdicates
1848 – Revolutions throughout Europe (except England) following publication of Communist Manifesto [Esp. France (where Napoleon III comes to power) and Hungary]
1878 – Treaty of San Stefano; Congress of Berlin; Balkan Crisis
22 Jan. 1905 – Bloody Sunday
1914 – Beginning of Great War (WWI)
March 1917 – Russian Revolution in Petrograd
November 1917 – Bolshevik revolution
9 Nov. 1923 – Beer Hall Putsch
10 Jan. 1933 – Hitler named German Chancellor
1 Sept. 1939 – Hitler begins invasion of Poland
14 May 1948 – British leave Palestine, Ben Gurion declares Israel
1 Oct. 1949 – Mao at Heavenly Peace Gate (Tiananmen); Nationalist China falls
1956 – 20th Party Congress, Destalinization speech
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