May 29th, 2004

Neko (lofulah)


And now, do I finally realize that I could use foreach var int i (1 .. $chunk->length()) to move through a string.

This would probably be faster than recursive. I have a feeling that the long delay on the very first time I load the page is because of the stupid recursive calls. Damn you, S2. I may end up rewriting these before handing the code and stuff over to Xella, just because it's not broken yet, but quite slow. Dunno how much faster foreach would be, but it should be lots faster. Yes, lots faster. :P

...Emmm, but the good news is that the layout's practically complete. Glitches and Issues remaining include:
- long_day format _not_ showing up correctly. Bizarre. Dunno why.
- Need to grab the code that generates navigation links (as in, the forward 10 entries, backward 10 entries things).
- A need to make parents shut up about how this isn't worth the money. grr... I'm doing this because it's more fun than going out and finding a real job, damnit. Plus, I actually learn stuff from doing this, instead of moving boxes or writing up inventories or whatever I might do in a large chain store place.

Xella, do you want me to follow that format for the other pages? Friends page, day pages, etc.? Silence will be taken for a yes... Actually, we talked about this. I just don't remember. I've partially started implementing it anyways... not too hard, just wrapping the usual around it...

Odd, apache died again for the second time tonight. Need to check the logs and see if there are attacks that are shutting it down, or if it's just me messing with bad S2 code?

[ edit | yeah, need to replace the recursive code with foreach code. I call too many things that do recursive looping too many times... the friends page isn't loading -.- Either that, or I managed to accidentally make an infinite loop.... ]
Neko (lofulah)


Recent Entries page is complete.

Comment page is buggy, need to make a few changes there...

Calendar links aren't showing up, but the months and years are. o.O I'm not sure why... I guess it's because I don't have any posts for those day? But that doesn't make much sense... Doesn't matter too much, I guess. Worse comes to worse, we can hardcode it in. Yuckier, but effective.

Navigation isn't showing up... at least not on the friends page where it ought to. don't have enough entries on the recent entries page for it to show up.

Year/month/day/single entry page works. Looks a tad bit odd, but it works... Yeah, Xella, you'll have to look into the code and do a bit of formatting there or something. -.-;; I dunno.

Other than that, I'm done.

Comment page will take about 30-60 minutes more, just need to sort out which tag isn't closing itself or is closing itself early...

Calendar links... dunno. I suppose I could write it up to code in the dates by itself as opposed to trying to rely on the YearYear/YearMonth/YearDay objects that are _supposed_ to contain url links in them.

Navigation.. Ugh, hard to test. Maybe it'll work when Xella tries it... I suppose I could spawn entries like mad . . . . . . .

[ edit | comment page : done. Took 5 minutes~ to locate and fix the missing div tag ]

[ edit | about 10 minutes later, after populating the test journal with pointless entries.. navigation does for for the recent page. Dunno why it isn't showing up for the friends page, but that might just be it being strange. I'm using the same code, damnit... Now for those calendar links.

[ edit | 1 second later - you know, it _would_ help if there was a lay_view_nav() method there to CREATE the navigation links. DUH. Bakaneko, living up to her name here~ ]

[ edit | ok, calendar links done-ish. Apparently it's messed up and there's no way to create a YearYear/YearMonth/YearDay object by hand and have it return the URL. So I did it manually. Uglier, yes, in terms of not using code that they already have there, but actually shorter, in terms of actual code it needs to process. The old stuff I have is still there, just commented out. ]
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Neko (lofulah)

Dum dee dum...

Final steps... Brief Commenting to outline where things are... (Xella, if you have questions when reading through it, please don't be afraid to ask me... Just umm... give me the line number and the method/function/whateveryouwanttocallit name and I'll tell you what it does.)

I'd suggest BBEdit if you need to edit the code. It's got line number and spiffy coloring (use perl... it's closest to the crippled thing that is S2.)

Ummm, will post both the Top-level layer Layout and the User Customization Layer that you'll need. You should be able to copy, paste, and compile without problems, assuming LiveJournal hasn't massively changed their S2 code in the past month or so. If there are problems, copy and paste the error message and send that to me, through a comment or an e-mail.

Should post the links to the layout and user layer in about 30 min, max.
Neko (lofulah)


I know it's not as late as it usually is, but I'm going to bed now. I definitely have a fever and my head hurts, and my throat won't stop itching. I'm trying to avoid coughing so I don't cough my throat raw but the itching's winning more and more. ::grumbles::

Anyways, 'night all.

Parents have been teasing/speculating that me being sick is a result of not enough school stress. Apparently there were one or two cases in the past where I got sick almost immediately after school let out. Thanksgiving or something.

It bugs me, though, my body is usually able to fight off the illness before it gets so bad. Damnit. I need nice fantasy books to lose myself in. I'm tired of drinking liquids and having to get up to go pee every second. I want hot soup.

Mrrrrr... I hope I didn't get Lady sick... ::prods:: get sleep, Lady, so if you do get sleep, your body will be in a better condition to fight off whatever it is that I have.