June 15th, 2004

Neko (lofulah)

The quick reply thingie....

Currently it has only been added to S1 styles although we do plan to eventually add it to S2 as well.

All known, and reproducible, bugs have been fixed with it and these fixes were put live mid-day yesterday. This includes it forcing "Re: " into subjects, an earlier error of missing required fields, as well as it breaking when comment subjects contained quote characters. Today I have modified it so that users cannot double click the submit form buttons although this change is not currently live on the site.

This morning I have also added a new userprop to allow users to disable quick reply and instead use the old method to reply. This option will only be a console command and will not be added to any of the manage pages. The command will be "set disable_quickreply" and then either a 0 or a 1. This command is not yet live on the site and I currently do not have an estimated amount of time before it will be.

It is planned to add the ability to select a user picture when commenting to the quick reply form. This seems to really be the most requested, and complained about it being lacking, feature out of everything that was not added to the quick reply form. I am hoping to have this patch checked into CVS today, but once again do not have a time frame for when it will be on the live site....

[ source - for two main "bugs" found and spell check possibilities ]

So, ability to turn it off~ and userpics~. Someone's wishes have been heard ;)
Neko (lofulah)

(no subject)

Who's been commenting in your journal?

1 ibneko 543 comments 35.12% of total
2 marbenais 237 comments 15.33% of total
3 Anonymous 83 comments 5.37% of total
4 witchbaby_boi 65 comments 4.2% of total
5 yifinity 63 comments 4.08% of total
6 balor 59 comments 3.82% of total
7 shanrina 42 comments 2.72% of total
8 porsupah 38 comments 2.46% of total
9 gamesiplay 35 comments 2.26% of total
10 koisoy 32 comments 2.07% of total
11 jamapi 32 comments 2.07% of total
12 bunnisoup 29 comments 1.88% of total
13 crowbaress 26 comments 1.68% of total
14 iheartjapan 24 comments 1.55% of total
15 xella 22 comments 1.42% of total
16 night_in_girl 22 comments 1.42% of total
17 starkravingsane 21 comments 1.36% of total
18 lofulah 15 comments 0.97% of total
19 carme 13 comments 0.84% of total
20 iridescentrouge 13 comments 0.84% of total
21 perplexedgecko 13 comments 0.84% of total
22 superdense 12 comments 0.78% of total
23 selphish 12 comments 0.78% of total
24 ahappyphantom 11 comments 0.71% of total
25 10101 10 comments 0.65% of total
26 contrasedative 9 comments 0.58% of total
27 barefootsailor 9 comments 0.58% of total
28 icybreath 9 comments 0.58% of total
29 kupi 7 comments 0.45% of total
30 foreveraspiring 6 comments 0.39% of total
31 andr00 5 comments 0.32% of total
32 cataclaw 5 comments 0.32% of total
33 mindscan 5 comments 0.32% of total
34 littpiski 4 comments 0.26% of total
35 vvalkyri 2 comments 0.13% of total
36 asalienapua 2 comments 0.13% of total
37 luigichan 2 comments 0.13% of total
38 semirandom 2 comments 0.13% of total
39 sonoftomorrow 1 comments 0.06% of total
40 angelcloud8387 1 comments 0.06% of total
41 valentit_love9 1 comments 0.06% of total
42 ibcorner 1 comments 0.06% of total
43 _exhaust 1 comments 0.06% of total
44 tardis_traveler 1 comments 0.06% of total
45 savfan104 1 comments 0.06% of total

These statistics were generated using the LJ Stats Web Interface by mpnolan. Original idea from scrapdog's LJ Comment Stats Wizard.

Yay for the web interface... almost feared that I'd have to write my own perl version o.O
Neko (lofulah)

Hmm, on second thought...

I might write my own version.. something to general prettier graphs (I want shiny red bars~!)

In perl. Dunno python yet.

::reads graph::

Wow... go Lady~ ;) and balor? Mmmm... spiffy. Need an page that'll constantly reflect this, or something. Oooh, a livejournal stats page of some sorts? Show's posts made, lengths, number of comments, mmm... and other stuff. ::vague:: 'cept that'd be a lot of page scraping. Eww. Maybe not~
Neko (lofulah)


I hate the phone.

Or maybe it's just talking on it, with people I don't usually talk to, that bothers me, because I can't say half a sentence and expect them to pick up the rest. Or I just randomly feel awkward about RSVPing, dunno. ::frowns:: People should always have e-mailing as an option...

Now, to find a leash for that collar Lady gave me, so I can be a leashed being...

Mmmm... _balls_ of yarn. Shiny metal pieces (handcuffs, he means? Or chains perhaps?) Squirt guns.. hehehe. no beach balls here, or CDs.. or records... well, none that amuse me anyways. ::frowns:: unless I figure out how to burn avi files to DVD, there won't be DVDs~ nope.

Anyone found Sam's LJ yet, btw? ::curious::

Oh, and crashes are still bad things o.O despite journaling being enabled... Have noticed, on many occasions (like.. more than 10? Over the past... who knows how long?) of bits and parts of files being relocated into other bits and parts of files. It's not good. No, not good at all. For example, I found random XML-styled strings in my httpd error log file. And it says "ljWindow", "Path for local archiving", etc. The scary thing is that if this data is here, then what happen to where the data's supposed to be? Is that elsewhere now? Is it being overwritten as we speak?

And my bitTorrent downloads are starting over from 0 again (meaning that something happened to 800+ MB of data... dislocated and not found while the client checked the file...). I should download the other torrent files and run a check on the files that finished downloading before the crash.

Granted, the corrupted files seem to be ones that I've used recently. This is... semi-reassuring, meaning old files that haven't been touched for a long time won't get messed up? Hopefully?

And does anyone know where anime.mircx.com went? They've been unreachable for a long time now...
Neko (lofulah)

Anyone know how those e-mail collecting bots work?

, , , ,

Playing around, and wondering if the above would fool them?

Source be:
<table><tr><td>ben</td><font color=white>, </font><td>.juang</td><font color=white>, </font><td>@</td><font color=white>, </font><td>comcast</td><font color=white>, </font><td>.net</td></tr></table>

Granted, it makes little , above the e-mail, but I'm trying to reproduce the way livejournal did their e-mail thing in the userinfo page. Will look into it a bit later....

Maybe the same thing, with mmm... this:
<table><tr><td>ben</td><font color=white>E-</font><td>.juang</td><font color=white>ma</font><td>@</td><font color=white>il</font><td>comcast</td><font color=white>:</font><td>.net</td></tr></table>

resulting in:

[ edit ]
Granted, the color isn't necessary for the second modification... I just didn't remove it.
Can I remove the spacing inbetween the table cells? I ought to be able to.....

And the benefit of this is that if you just copy and paste, the spaces go away, even though it looks as if there are spaces. Whee~

[ edit 2 ]
Hm, yeah. cellspacing=0 and cellpadding=0 doesn't seem to do much. Grr..? My assumption is that those e-mail collecting bots ("spiders" that collect e-mail addresses to spam) work by loading a page, finding @ and .net/.com/.org things, and matching them together? Limited in... 30 characters? Forget the address e-mail specifications. And it skips over protection (such as separating them with random html tags) by stripping the page of html tags? I suppose one could invoke the HTML::Parser, although I haven't looked into how that works, and I dunno if one could use that to find e-mails anyways...? You know, some sort of library to make it appear to be what a human might see?