June 23rd, 2004

Neko (lofulah)

I'm home~

Mmmm, and tired. Plane rides, esp. in small dual propellor planes are bumpy and not restful.

I've got 62 e-mail messages, a good 50%'s spam (spam rate's going up, eh?), 1 new livejournal comment to reply to (in addition to the previously read 2-3 that I need to reply to as well...)

::yawns:: bed.
Neko (lofulah)


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UIUC.. Well... Meh, people are mostly nice, didn't really meet anyone that I foresee becoming close friends with. ::grumbles:: need more geeks and people I can connect with. Not enough people who are out-of-state. And I was the only IB person in the College of Engineering introduction thingie.

Heh. Oh, and we get 12 condoms every 15 days. o.O For free, apparently. Or we can get~ just need to go to the McKinley health center place and pick them up when needed. ::amused:: Anyone want condoms? I doubt I'd actually use them. ::snorts:: haven't even kissed a girl before. ._.; (and girls get them as well, apparently, so that makes 24 every 15 days... means you can use 2 for the first 9 days and 1 for the each remaining 6?)

Mmm... what else.. Ah, yeah, classes start at 12, with Japanese 201, then Math at 2, then Engineering 110, 100, and 199, depending on the day, at 3. Well, 'cept on tuesdays, when class starts at 8. o.O
Neko (lofulah)

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