June 26th, 2004

Neko (lofulah)

Report Card~

Hah. Take that, senioritis!

I got a higher GPA fourth quarter than third quarter. Hehehehe.

Score, first A in history in four years! MWAHAHAHA! thank you, Mr. Hines

Mmm, first B in computer science for a long time... =o.O= Yeah, I was slacking. Lots. Oh well. ::shrugs::

Mmmm, A in math, nice... not expected, but nice anyways.


Oh, and for those who are trying to access IBCorner, it'll be back online soon. I'm backing up some stuff to an alternate hard drive, using another version of MacOS X 10.3, cause my working version doesn't read NTFS drives. Even through it's supposed to. I ought to do a reinstall or something. ::shrugs::


Need to decide between laptop vs. desktop for UIUC. Laptop means more portability, can move around and easily access stuff. Desktop means more storage space, more processing power, less possibility of being stolen.