July 31st, 2004

Neko (lofulah)

WST: Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it. Remaining showtimes are: 7:30, July 31, and August 6 & 7, as well as a 1:30 PM show on Aug 1. All at Quince Orchard High School.
Adults $9 | Students $7 | Seniors $7

That aside, My thoughts on the show (and assorted related things):
-It started off somewhat low energyish, and I couldn't hear what the chorus was singing at points. They got better though, and pretty quickly.
-Mrs. Lovett was probably the best actor, in terms of singing? When she wanted to sing on key anyways.
-Random bird flying around the auditorium was highly amusing. Waiting for the poop dive-bomb. Didn't happen though.
-Random gear turning the wrong way. Teehee. Yes, I know there are problems with it, and they look awesome. Incredibly so. But Sharon's friend noticed it too...
-Scattered humor was funny.
-Duets between Todd and Lovett usually turned out to be very good, especially the one where they decide what to do with Pirelli's dead body!! And damn hilarious. Would you like your general with his privates?
-Standing ovation that I agreed with.
-Feedback, twice, although it could also have been an orchestral sound effect.
-Strange crackling from someone's mic. Very minor, could have been clothing rusting badly.
-Dude, hanging row lights that way is awesome. Props!
-I wanted to go onstage to see how the gears worked, but Lady looked busy and everyone (as I was informed) was rushing to get out of there.
-A relationship, looking as strong as those you'd see in couples wandering the hallways occasionally. Well, the air between them anyways~
-Someone remembered me =^.^= But I don't remember her name. But she remembered me and said hi~ And she's cute too~
-Saw Abby. I think she grew. O.o Said hi to her, but she was busy.
-Awesome set. Props~! It's a pity our stage isn't high enough to support large objects like that. And a fly system, although Sam (you reading?) had ideas to install one.
-Seeing Lady and getting petted. Would have preferred a hug, on latterthought, but it's a bit late now. Silly me. At least she looks alive and well and not like a walking dead. Doesn't feel like one either, so I guess she's getting enough sleep to keep her alive, which is good.
-Slide o' Corpses was cool (as well as the trap door. Dude, I want a trap door). Wanna see the arrangement inside. Probably not gonna happen, I know.
-Running seemed flawless? :) Didn't see any problems anyways.
-Yay, Sharon was there, so I didn't sit alone. Auditorium was fucking freezing though. Should wear all black next time I go to drama event so I can wander backstage without looking too different.


::yawns:: I think a shower, followed by bed would be good. No staying up 'til 2 and waking up at 10 for me tonight. No Lunar: SSSC to play with anyways, finished the game yesterday night at about 4. Ehhh, will watch credits sometime. It's a decent game, easy battles (bosses stats are usually some multiple of your main character's level. So if you're lvl 14, the boss' hp might be 14 x 30 or something like that. Which means that leveling really isn't a big matter.) The best thing about this game is that most people have more than one thing to say, and when you go back to them after a main event, they'll usually have another two things to say, or even more, if they play vital roles. Adds a lot to the story, I think... Graphics are ok, not FFIX quality, but not too shabby either. Video/Movies are ok, although corney-ness in the US/English version is frightfully bountiful. Dubbing is... dubbing. ::winces::
Neko (lofulah)

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Oh, yeah, and that gunshot KICKED MAJOR ASS.

I jumped. I was expecting a gunshot, but I seriously jumped when it went off. And there was that spurt of blood, or what looked like a spurt of blood. That was spiffy, how'd you guys manage that one?
Neko (lofulah)

oh fuck.

System's refusing to boot up. God knows why.. o.O Just randomly froze earlier (mmm, 6ish PM?) and on reboot, only gets as far as the greyish screen, and doesn't reach the apple with spinning circle thing below it.

Got it to boot several times into my alternate drive, but can't seem to figure out what's wrong. Well, no, just occured to me to check the logs on my main drive, but I've also managed to run out of space on my alternate drive, so it crashed as well. (This isn't the problem that caused the main drive to crash... that has at least 2.5GB of space remaining.)

Currently at the blue-select-a-boot-drive screen. But cursor isn't changing over to select and remaining on spinning watch icon.

Blah, humbug.


Oh, and I called my roommate. He wasn't there, but was able to leave phone and e-mail with person who picked up the phone. Sounded like a little brother? Dunno.

...Yay, I actually called some random stranger on the phone! Go me.

[edit|For the curious, this entry was posted from Firefox, on the Win98 system meant to run the few windows programs that we have~]