August 1st, 2004

Neko (lofulah)


System's back up.

I techbabble a lot, tis seems =^.-= Oh well. Will keep on babbling, as that's what this journal's for. To catch my overflowing thoughts when I feel like pretending to share it with the world.

Bweeeee, I'm not too bad at ping pong. (As in, could be a lot worse.) Have unnessary arm motions, but hey, who gives~ I'm not playing pro. But playing against parents is fun~ (Me 10, Mom 20 | Me 4, Dad 20)

You know, I should write thoughts that aren't so overflowing, but more of a me, the core, inner me, in a journal. May wish to come back and revisit such thoughts. Dunno how to pull them up thought... Oh, my little fish, where art thou? And bring your friends too~ I've got an ocean to hide you in, and guests and friends to show you to!

Hm, yes. Hope roommate contacts me back. Preferably by e-mail, and not by phone, since if he decides to call when it's 9 or 10 for him, it'd be what... 12? or 1 for me. o.O Which maybe interesting, getting the phone that late at night.

Wonder what sort of person he is. ::worries muchly:: And I like a quiet place to hide in... Will have to stalk the libraries and assorted building and see what I can find. Preferably somewhere quiet, comfortable. Yes, will also have to find friends to keep me away from that place, so I don't become too much of a hermit.
Neko (lofulah)


Yeah, no one (I think) reads xangabridge, so it doesn't matter that much. But if you do, and you notice the shitload of entries, that's due to oddness in permissions. In other words, the script couldn't access the cookies, and thus couldn't login, etc.

Fix now, but it meant a flood of entries. Oh well.