August 14th, 2004

Neko (lofulah)


The house smells of seafood. Raw seafood. X.x parents just went out and got tons of god knows what. And I just had raw... oysters? o.O or whatever that was. Not too bad, but not wonderful and awesome.

...seafood... . . . ugh. I don't want any right now... go away, seafood, go away.

(Mrrf. I know there won't be any in illinois, but I really don't think I'll miss it that badly anyways.)

Oh, and I dunno who was looking for it, but Hine-chan no Ribon torrents can be found here. Not all of it, just up to episode 53. It was on my requests for some reason, and I believe someone was looking for them...... balor, maybe? Or selphish?
Neko (lofulah)

What da...?

What's up with this... my interests aren't being saved? o.O


Yeah... o.O not working over at either. Gonna try IE and see if it's a browser thing, 'cause interests work over at ibcorner....

For near-future reference:
anime, Apple, candles, cats, chocolate, classical music, computers, darkness, daydreaming, diane duane, dreams, duct tape, fah dai, fantasy, fire, flames, flying, hentai, japan, japanese, knives, les mis, Jekyl & Hyde, love, macs, madeleine l'engle, math, monty python, MUDs, music, musicals, mythology, night, origami, peace, pencils, pens, people, philip pullman, power tools, programming, rain, thunderstorms, rainbows, reading, rehobaom's legacy, science, science fiction, shiny things, sketching, snow, soccer, stickers, stuffed animals, sugar, swords, tamora pierce, techies, techno, technology, trance, unix, writing, perl, java, apache, php, mysql, c++, MACOS X, UIUC, RMHS, laughter, jokes

I can't seem to add it enmass either... the clicking [modify yours] link.

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Yeah. Not working in IE either. What the heck? Someone else with a mac please try?

I'm on Cartman, subcluster 5

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Support Request submitted: