August 29th, 2004

Neko (lofulah)


Saw a rather cute, but obviously shy girl. Kinda like mmm, I dunno... just shy. Well, and cute too, but I said that already. She saw me as well, and we kinda just looked at each other for a while. And then I looked away and wandered off to find food -.-;; Why didn't I walk forward to talk to her? Ugh, so stupid. 'Cause by the time I got a hot dog, some other guy had already started talking to her... one of the kind, nice sort. ::sighs:: Stood nearby to see if I could join the conversation, but no more chances presented themselves. Did think I heard that she was from Carr though... which is good, because that's where one of my new friends who likes anime is at. Maybe I'll see her again sometime? ::looks up and whispers a question to the Goddess::