September 6th, 2004

Neko (lofulah)


I'm done~ Now I've got Japanese left.. vocab quiz, I believe. ::death::

Mmmmm, also need to do resume for ENG 199 class, I think. I should probably move back up to my room and see about getting ready for bed or something. ::sighs:: But I like listening to music, and moving would require disconnecting iPod, mouse, internet, etc.

Oh well, will stay here until a bad song pops up.

Ah, this song brings back memories of the series... If it weren't so long, I'd watch it again...
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    Myself (short edit)-Myco-Full Moon wo Sagashite OST1
Neko (lofulah)

Yay~ (not)

I'm now taking General Chemistry I - CHEM 102 17D. (Hmm, had typoed that as "not". That would be nice.)

That'd be Monday thru Thursday, from 2-3. Right after math and right before Engineering-typed classes.

Oooh, Les Mis song~

People are getting increasingly attracted to shiny things. Hmmm. One almost wonders if that's just an excuse to be strange in this world.

I should go back to my room and check on my roommate after this post. After this song. After this finishes downloading.

"--by the passion and the blood,
god has raised you out of darkness,
I've have bought your soul for god..."
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