November 1st, 2004

Neko (lofulah)


...And Thus, It Begins, With a whimper of panic, several (4 and three-quarters) 2 feet by 9 and a half feet, frantically paced ellipses, and a hot shower.

Yes, it has begun. Day 1 of NaNoWriMo has begun. Out there, there's millions of people who have begun writing.

But unlike them, I haven't even started planning yet. Hm. Well...

I have an idea. :D It looks to be a yummy one right now, and quite viable. Built along my favorite books, with a plot that hopefully isn't too similar, I might have something that I can write about. But it's not ready yet... the fish is still too small (hit me, hit me! I can't believe I used that.. farking woolfie.).

And I now have one named character (a girl, named Blodwyn - thank you, my dearest Lady).

To do, along this NaNoWriMo tangent:
Icon. NanoWriMo-fy.
Dynamic Away message. Easily done, we believe. Shall look into adium's away message setup.
Perl or Java based count-downer.
A decision of whether to attempt to post sections as they're written. It's nice that way, but I might not want people to read, yet. It'll give me more freedom to write, I think.
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