November 23rd, 2004

Neko (lofulah)


So good to see Lady again. And it was nice to see Mandy too. And Zoe.

Heh, bookends (or whatever they're called) indeed.

Mmmmmm. Yeah. Gonna try to be productive today and get work done. No napping for me.
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Neko (lofulah)

Whee, RM Revisited~

People look healthy, the population of cute, small asian girls is increasing... *sigh*

Saw a good number of people, including (but not limited to, as my memory's crappy as we all know...) Sam, Maddie, Jai, Laura, Willa, Julia (the asian one. I think her name's julia, anyhow.), the anime club, people, more people, some more people. Umm. Little Techie Chris (Yator? o.O) Lisa, Kito, ummm.. who else... Sharon, Mrs. Wong, Mr. Frezzo (saw, did not actually talk to), random security dude (:D "Hey, where did you come from!?" (I was walked towards the school from the back, just as the lunch bell rang) "University of Illinois~" "Ah~" ...insert filler convo here). Oh, and the IB coordinator person. ("Hm, I haven't seen you for a while.... (then the realization that I was a graduated senior. Oh thanks, you.) So, where do you go now? University of Maryland?" "University of Illinois." "Ah. Was there anything that IB taught you?" "...Procrastination. And um... what to do after you procrastinate too much." "...Ah. That's a new one." ::snerk:: Well, see, she must understand (I may e-mail her later, or talk to her at a later point) that as an Electrical Engineer, one tends not to write a lot of essays, which is what IB taught me. Mostly, anyhow. Yo, you guys, what did IB teach you?)

Um. Most people seemed confused as to why I was back in school. Next time I do this alone, I should just print out a sheet:
"Question #1: Why are you back in school?
Answer #1: To show stuff at anime club. [and scribbled in:]But it got canceled randomly...

Question #2: Where do you go now?
Answer #2: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Question #3: How's college?
Answer #3: Pretty good. It's nothing like high school. Prepare for a culture shock, especially if going out of your state."

That covered most of the questions asked today. Not complaining, really, just it would have saved me time and there'd be more creative answers on that sheet of paper.
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Neko (lofulah)


Lady, it's beautiful. Thank you. Have to admit to being a tad bit surprised by the literal "heart" though ^^;; Although the maker has always been, and shall always be more beautiful and stunning to behold...