November 29th, 2004

Neko (lofulah)

(and a sad conclusion to the above story.)

Yay, Howl's Moving Castle's out in theatres! Now to wait for a subbed version.. ::sighs::

Hehe. I quote: "In the beginning, there was Joe Average. And Joe didst buy himself a computer and conneceth it to the Internet. And with his computer, Joe did surfeth, and readeth email, and playeth many games. And Joe looked upon the Internet, and it was Good.

But while Joe did possess knowledge of the Internet Good, he did not understand that Evil too lived on the Internet. And he patcheth not.

Then one day, Joe didst unknowingly go to a Bad Place, and much Evil befell his shiny new computer.

How Evil? Very, VERY Evil..."

Mind, this is from a semi-technical description of how malware takes over a computer. The above was posted only for my amusement... the articles/diary entries themselves may not be too clear to most. part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. And interesting read, however. Though I have to admit to not understanding a good majority of the hows involved..

Wow, teehee, so cool! Sushi machines!

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And something that may amuse Mander and Lady muchly. [link from Jules]
Neko (lofulah)


One final post for today. Eh, yeah.

I got an apartment~ $440 (price including utilities estimate: $391 + electric (20) + water (7.. so he said, anyways.) + sewer (5) + internet (20). Note, we don't plan on getting a landline telephone, or cable tv.) per month (per person - two of us)... probably a bit on the costly side, but it's decently close to the campus... a bit north of the very nice Eastview one that had a T1 connection... which we would have gotten if we didn't hesitate like we did. Fucking damn.)

But the landlord person was very nice and offered suggestions and didn't mind our not knowing how to write checks ::winces:: ::feels stupid:: (paid first month rent today)

Mmmm, so now I'm a 5?10 minute walk from the union, as opposed to the current 15-20 min. And while there's no longer a convenient bus that goes (in 7 minutes, avg.) to near the center of the quad, I'm within a minute's walk to the 22 bus, which runs every 10 minutes (as opposed to the every 5 for the convenient bus...) but runs from 7 to like, 2 AM. And on weekends too.

Honestly, there's cheaper, but as he said, you get what you pay for. And the other ones that we saw were... indeed.... crappy. Would have paid for like, $200 per month, but the thing about this one was that it looked well maintained, like the Eastview one. Heck, the Eastview guy suggested this one to us. And there's an emphasis on good maintenance.

The rooms were a tad bit small (they give us a full sized bed. What am I going to use it for? Anyone want to sleep with me? ^^;;), but the living room (what the hell are we going to use that for?) is rather decently size. As in, you could comfortably play DDR there, without fear of hitting things.

Kitchen is a bit small.. not a lot of maneuverability, but I don't exactly foresee fighting over cooking space.
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