December 8th, 2004

Neko (lofulah)

A more global lackage of good english than I thought...

R. Craig Hogan, a former university professor who heads an online school for business writing here, received an anguished e-mail message recently from a prospective student.

"i need help," said the message, which was devoid of punctuation. "i am writing a essay on writing i work for this company and my boss want me to help improve the workers writing skills can yall help me with some information thank you"....

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Wait, you mean it's not just the occasional idiot anime fan that finds his or her way to me? I've always assume these people who don't use punctuation are 12-13 year old morons...? (Granted, my grasp of grammar and spelling isn't perfect either, but still... I think most people understand me a good 99% of the time.)
Neko (lofulah)


Took my last Chemistry hour exam.

As it stands right now, I did as well as the first hour exam (73%, approx. :P ...whatthehell.) Anyhow... Not as well as I wanted (I wanted 100% and had aimed for such), but.. bleh. If I have gotten 100 on this (100 points), then gotten all 300 points on the final, then I could have brought my grade up to a 89.7. But it looks like it's no longer the case. Ah, how sucky.

Mmm, I'm going to go heat cup noodle thingies now, 'cause I'm a bit hungry, and it was fucking freezing walking back.