December 21st, 2004

Neko (lofulah)

Birthday wishes, detailed DVD info, etc.

First off: Happy Birthday, melly!

myDVDEdit. Works like ResEdit (an old res fork editor for Mac. Never really used it, but often software cracks would call for changing something with it. But that was in the old days, when apples had floppy drives, and SCSI ports) - or so it claims. But the page is a lot more useful (or useless) for it's detailed information on DVDs.

I found a tape of Into The Woods - Original Broadway Cast, I believe! Shall be watching it sometime this week, and maybe, if it's good enough, see if there's spiffy ways to convert it to DVD/digitize it with our new camcorder.

K, I'm going to bed now... I keep typoing. :P
Neko (lofulah)


off to RM to tape the winners of some piano competition or other. Quality promises to be poor, the distance is gonna be sucky.

Then the Annual Alumni Reception tomorrow morning at 9:15 AM, with College Life Day following afterwards. I'm not on the panel, due to lazyness and unwilling to speak, but I may meander in. We'll see.
Neko (lofulah)

ugly cookies and HP

I made cookies~ ::glee:: and didn't burn the house down! They weren't like what I wanted, and tasted more like cake then cookies, but they were edible and rather ugly~ =^.^=

PRE-ORDER and Take 40% Off the Regular Price!

-quoting Borders mailing

Jeeze, pre-ordering already? That's... a whole frigging 7 months away. o.O
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