January 11th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

Shark Tale

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2 days until I fly back. ::sighs:: Aside from me wanting to see Lady again before leaving, is there anyone else who wants to see me (or who I should see) before I head back to the cornfields?

To do:
Look over Chinese stuff done in IB (crapcrapcrapcrapcrap)
Look over Japanese

Spring break is sometime in March 19th-27th (one week long)... so 2ish weeks before I come back. Break was too long, I hope I haven't gotten too lazy... I don't feel any of that motivation.
Neko (lofulah)

Macworld Expo SF 2005 Keynote Coverage - Live Update

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iWork's "Pages" may be interesting... Appleworks wasn't too bad, long ago, but M$' Word's taken over. Still... the other iWork bit is Keynote 2. Have Keynote, but I never tried using it. Never had the need. ::shrugs::

The Mac mini sound really cool. I could go for a $500 system. Headless, who cares~? I'll find a cheap monitor, a keyboard and a mouse, and install apple's remote desktop 2 and run it as a server. Or something.

iPod Shuffle... sounds... silly and kinda too expensive. Still, it depends on how small it is and how convenient. A pack of gum (how big of a pack?) and four quarters heavy...

You know, I'm waiting for an Apple PDA. Come on Apple! Make that Mac mini smaller and combine it with the iPod!