March 6th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

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Yeah, mmm, spent most of the afternoon doing homework. Kinda. And bought toothpaste. Then spent two hours doing set strike for THEA199. We were only required to stay for an hour. But while I wasn't getting paid, I got to see cool stuff, and play with almost as cool stuff. Such as the pressure based power-tool-on-sterioids. And their fly system. SoSOcool.

Yeah, thursday, friday, and saturday were taken by SELP- the Student Engineering Leadership Program. Much coolness, fun, and games, with a bit of learning about myself thrown in. Plus much good food (pizza, then a steakhouse. I had a 30 something dinner, as did most people. There were 50 kids. That's a lot of money. And the director of the program (Prof. Price) said told the waitress to throw in a 20% tip. O.o

But the catfish farmer doesn't grow catfish as pets; the farmer is in business to harvest catfish and to sell them so that hungry people can fry them up and then wash them down with a couple of cold beers or iced teas.
-Chapter 4, GiveItATry/Part 3 of my math CD/Textbook