March 12th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

Safari and popups.

'cause annoying people finally found a way around the safari (and other web browser) popup blockers:

Steve Jobs' handwriting analyzed Macworld UK reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs' handwriting has been analyzed by graphologist, Shelia Kurtz. "Unusually, Jobs does not capitalize the first letters of his name, she noted. She's not sure why, 'could it be low self-esteem? Maybe. Could it be that he doesn't let his ego interfere with his understanding? Perhaps.' His handwriting also displays signs of 'serious impatience' and a 'tendency toward sarcasm'."
-, 3/12/05

W00t, new iPod software. And a security update. Although this is probably old news... O.o I don't leave my system awake and connected enough to catch these, apparently. Buggers.
Neko (lofulah)

VSA family night, and good old tech fun

Tonight's Chinese Yo-yo performance (on my part, anyhow) went well. I... think I dropped my yo-yo. Odd, it's all vague now. But not too many mistakes overall. 'cept for the "Act II", which was the two more advanced guys doing tricks.. they were trying to throw from under the leg to the other person, and it kept missing. Three time. The audience just cheered anyways~ ^^

The other performances of the night were pretty good too, with the exception of the guest speaker who went on for... much too long. Yeah. >.> Perfectionist dude, "The podium's too low, people in the back can't see me." - I can't believe he actually checked that. I'm impressed by his foresight, but... =o.O= I mean, yeah, we could put it on the stage, but there aren't stairs on the front of the stage, so moving it would have sucked immensely. Oh well. He ended up talking where he was supposed to talk.

I hung out with the two Illini Union techie dudes for the most part... and was surprised to find that the lighting board wasn't powered with an external power source- and pointed it out to them. And they like, hm, wtf? (Note: I didn't realize it then, and they didn't tell me, but all of the lighting stuff was rented from another company.) So they found a power adapter, and plugged that in. In the end, I found out the it was powered by the cables running to the outlet/dimmer pack. Interesting. Also, it had several settings, 16x16, 2x16, and 1x16. Not sure what the first was, but apparently, it would switch over to dual scene setup if on 2x16... which I didn't know then, and so we couldn't switch between scene x and y.. like you could manually run our board in Black Maskers.

Mmmm, show ended, helped coil and move stuff, and received a number of thank-you's from both the Union techies and the outsider company ("This is the first time we'll get complaints of working too fast!"). Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out why I bothered, but when people asked, I just replied that it (cleaning up) was part of a good show.