April 3rd, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

Past IB Papers


Yeah, yeah, I'm no longer in IB. So why care? 'cause I've got the resources and the know how. And you know, IB has annoyed me before (understatement much, I suppose), so I think I ought to return the favor at some point... Mmm, from a quick check, it appears I have 2000-2002 exams. In all subjects. And if I recall correctly, they added up to 'bout 700 MB.. although some of the pdf files aren't compressed nicely.. not much I can do about it, unless I figure out how to make them nicer.

If anyone (friends only) has any objections, voice them now. Or, if you're still in IB and you want papers sent directly to you before I mass distribute them, tell me. Oh, and free offshore webhosting might be useful too... even though IB=international, I'm sure there's places that they have less influence over...