April 6th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

Um. Well.

Computer's back. But it's crashed... 2 time already. No. Three. With the scary block of lines across the screen and fading video. And Apple's Hardware Test (extended version) seems to crash and fail, in a similar manner, although it turns off the monitor, so I really can't see much. Well, dim, then off. Which means I can't get the error codes either. Well, no, I'll run it for longer next time.

http://www.livejournal.com/community/daily_yuri/29223.html - Somewhat cute, but Oh, So, Bad. Not worksafe, and not for eyes younger than 18. Or minds. Well, doesn't matter... you'll need to be part of the community to see it anyways.
Neko (lofulah)

iBook, why, oh why?

Anyways... with the logic board replaced (We think), the iBook now boots sucessfully (to the point where I can log in and work) 1 out of every 4 tries. And dropping. But it worked long enough for me to back up all of my important data, being classnotes, and other stuff in my home folder. The non-home folder stuff includes only apple stuff, and my non-apple applications.

I'm going to call tomorrow and try and ask for a brand new iBook... I don't think the logic board replacements are doing the trick. Or maybe they'll let me get a refund and I'll get a powerbook. The are more expensive, but iBooks HAVE HAD PROBLEMS... not just this generation, but previous ones as well... hell, there's an entire Logic Board Replacement Program by apple, just for a previous generation of iBook! You get what you pay for, I suppose? My dad's PowerBook has never had problems until recently, when the hinge broke off... O.o which was interesting. But it was still functional.

Then again, if I do get a new computer, I guess AppleCare won't get passed from this computer onto the next. Shouldn't have signed up for AppleCare. Even though I did get like.. a $60 educational discount. Still $160 though. Or $180. Mrhf. And it irks me too, 'cause technology isn't supposed to misbehave around me like this.

-> currently posting from the computer labs downstairs. Thank goodness for these. Even though they lack Firewire ports, so I can't use my external hard drive...

Now for math. siigh.

complaint~ there's a girl two computer's away, blasting her music through her earphones. At the point where I can clearly hear what's being said. XP What the hell, doesn't she have earphones? I'm getting nothing done. As soon as I backup files from my flash drive to home, and an alternate server, I'm moving. Or going to bed.

And really... technology isn't supposed to fail randomly around me. I do talk to my iBook, and spells do get cast around it, but I've done that with other computer systems as well, and the worst I get are software problems, which I can fix. But random video RAM crapping out on me? That's a new one. *whine* it's not FAIR~. (And, I think it's video RAM. Either that, or the RAM. 'cause I left the extended hardware test running, and it confirmed my guess that there's something badly wrong - I came back 4 hours later to find my iBook running colors across the screen - and the screen-fading isn't just part of the test. And no, it doesn't take that long. I've run it before. 30 min is the MAX. Even with the extra RAM, which I tried running the test with and without. Mind, though, the shorter hardware test runs without problems whatsoever. Well, I haven't tried it on loop.. may do that tonight.

I wish I could complain and bitch to the Apple Tech Support people, but that'd be unproductive and unhelpful. So instead, I'm complaining to you guys. sorry 'bout that. ^^;; And if you actually sat and read all of that, thank you.

...want magick to make everything better.