April 28th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

iBook~ Death.

Again, it has died. XP

Power problem's still there, but now nothing shows up on the screen on boot. And external monitor's don't respond either. However, it boots perfectly fine. So what I've been doing is running firewire target disk mode, and backing up stuff. Apple has been contacted and they're sending out a box. Again. >.> This will make the total number of laptop boxes in my closet 4.

fuckit...whatthehell, apple.

On the slightly brighter side, I believe I've figured out the firmware(?) password on the computer lab iMacs, so I may be able to get into the alt-on-boot choice-of-disk-to-boot-from page. So I'll probably be able to continue working on "my own computer" for a day, until that box gets to me.

Finals start next friday. I need my computer back before then... notes and stuff are all on my computer, and while I'll have it backed up, the computer labs with iMacs close at midnight, on most days.