May 16th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)



P.O. Box 71028
Marietta, GA 30007-1028

| stamp = Auto presorted First-Class US Postage Paid. Ft. Myers FL, Permit No. 130 |

PIN# xxxxxxxxxx
xx-xx xxxx-x


[ img of large smily here ]


It was addressed to my full name.


On the back of the postcard was the following note:


Dear Benjamin

We are trying to reach you with Good News! It is real important that you Call Toll free 1-888-279-9221


Call 10am to 8pm EST
Monday thru Friday


So I was curious, and hit google and came up with this. Quite interesting.

And I was bored, so I called the number. A woman picked up, and rambled about getting a card in the mail. So I asked for a large pizza, with peperonni and sausage. And then I asked her if this was dominos (which it isn't). But she said yes. And then asked if I wanted extra cheese. To which I couldn't resist cracking up... hopefully I hung up before she heard me laughing.
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Neko (lofulah)


I'm now running 10.4. Pretty painless upgrade (archive and install option chosen, mostly because of my own belief that layering on upgrades isn't too healthy for a system).

Mail... has been shinified. It's all... smooth and stuff. And I like it better now. (none of that annoying, ugly drawer crap.) We'll see how it handles things.

Time to install other stuff, like system modifications and such.

Mmm, mail has a very nice threaded view now. Well, almost. :D It puts livejournal comments as a thread. ::laughs:: Silly Mail.

Also, dashboard really is pretty. But it takes up a dock spot. Shall have to see about changing that... and if it could be triggered like exposé gets triggered... yep, it's been added to the exposé pref pane.

Ack! They got rid of the custom toolbar thing for the preferences panes... so you can't have commonly accessable preference panes up in the toolbar of the preferences "app"...

....there's already a 10.4.1. o.O Apple...............

Hm, there's a nice RSS feed screensaver. Integrated with safari (hitting 1 to escape the screensaver brings up the page.)

[edit #2]
Ho, interesting little option: In addition to the crappy filevault that has caused problems for people, there's now an option to "Use Secure Virtual Memory".

Spotlight appears to be indexing my crap. O.o Where are you going to store this index? And how big is it going to be, eh?

::makes a face:: I can't believe Apple's still trying to get people to use .mac with only 250 MB of space.... they should at least offer 1 GB, if not more, since that's what google's offering... and google's only doing e-mail, while .mac is supposed to be there for backups and such.....

Hmmm... there's a new sharing thing - Xgrid. To quote the preferences pane, "Click Start to allow Xgrid controllers to distribute tasks for your computer to perform."

Hm. Why can't I remove spotlight? Stupid indexing thing... I'll use BBEdit, thank you.