May 17th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)


This is a post from the zlj? widget. Dashboard be shiny. Very much so. But I don't think I'll use this too often, 'cause it's very CPU intensive, I think. And that's a bad thing.

Other than that, it's pretty... and very... very configurable.

Now to see if this work... ::post::

Yeah, dashboard is more useful than I though. It's faster to look up a word that way, then to pull up quicksilver. I think. I don't use quicksilver to define things that often...

And heavens, it's pretty when I call it up. Someday, you may find me just watching it appear and disappear as I hit my F11 button over... and over... and over... and over...

And anyways. That... and I have to admit that searching seems much better now in Mail. And spotlight is useful in that it's built-in, so it's slightly, just _slightly_ faster than quicksilver when it comes to searching. Not as much functionality, but, well.. that's Apple for ya.

[edit #2, unrelated]
I'd like to note that BT really is faster at home. Even with 4KB/s upload, I still get a pretty good download speed that I haven't seen elsewhere, ratio-wise, compared to the upload speed.

[edit #3]
Final note... my computer _has_ gotten slower. Even with the 1GB of RAM? 10.3.9 was faster than 10.4. As in, menu bar thingies take longer to load... I can't open things and expect them to all open as soon as I click on them, like I (almost) was able to.......but meh, I'm too lazy to downgrade. And this Mail does look improved enough that I don't want to go back.
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Neko (lofulah)

'bout time.

Richard Montgomery High School
Milestone Dates

July 11 ‘05 Start Construction

September 05 Geothermal Drilling starts

October 05 Concrete Foundations starts

February 06 Erect Structural Steel starts

January 06 Above Ground Masonry starts

May 06 Glazing starts

May 06 Roofing starts

November 06 Roofing complete

August 15 ’07 Substantial Completion Building

July 5 ’07 Start Phase 2 (Demo Existing RMHS and install Athletic Fields)

August 08 Finish Phase 2

[ source | RMPTSA Listserv ]
Neko (lofulah)


Saikano OVA

Summer. 2005.

Yay! =^.^=

Promo 1 & 2

Oh, yes, I know IBCorner is down. No, I don't think anyone's using it right now (right? correct me if I'm wrong.)

Yes, it is unlikely that I'll bring it back up, however, the old files will be archived and saved.
Neko (lofulah)


Now that's very interesting...

The Dashboard is connected to the Dock. Kill the dock, and the dashboard widgets go as well....