May 30th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

From the RMPTSA listserv

Yes, the RM PTSA Events committee is proceeding with the plannng of the
groundbreaking event scheduled to take place at RM on the athletic
field Sat., July 9 at 2 PM. Invitations will be sent out this week. Of,
course the entire community is invited, but we will send personal
invitations to a specific list of supporters. The program will be
short, but the satisfaction of seeing the start of construction after
all these years is cause for celebration long beyond this one

The RM PTSA Events committee will be holding our next committee
meeting Wed., June 1 to finalize the program portion of the afternoon.

We hope you can come to help us celebrate our terrific community!


Liz Wheeler

RM PTSA Events Committee Member
Neko (lofulah)

Pullman / His Dark Materials

The audiobook is indeed good!

The playing time is 1.5 days. ^^;;; and it comes in chunks of 1:00:00 (one hour mp3s) at a time... the version I got, anyways. I plan on buying the CD and ripping my own to pack onto my iPod for the trip back to Taiwan. 'cept the only problem is that the CDs are all 20+ something dollars... ^^;; which isn't too bad, but at three CDs (the last one is $30 on amazon, but I got it off eBay for $23... hopefully it's the right one.) all together makes it... more than a tiny bit expensive.

I'd download it off iTunes, as originally planned, but since the iTunes version is just as expensive as getting the CD... I'm going to go with the CD.

It's interesting, thou... 'cause Amazon offers an audio download via Audible - which is also the company that's iTunes is offering it through... only for $9.95. That price is first time Audible buyers only though.
Neko (lofulah)


So I went out and bought 'bout $140 worth of stuff. And today, I'll be sending out $110 worth of rebates. (Most of it is the Western 160GB HD - $130, with $30+$40+$30 rebates, dropping it down to an awesome 16:3::GB:dollars ratio. Anything more than 5:1 is great.

...8-12 weeks from today or tomorrow, I should get $110 back. Whee.