June 7th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

Elfen Leid

Episodes: 13
Recommended? Yes. On the basis of... relationships, I suppose. And characters.
Warning: It is very bloody. And not just blood, you get to see bones and such when people get separated into halves. Or thirds. Etc.
Categories: Sci-fi ("alien/non-human humanoids, effects of a 'virus'"), romance (m/ff, kinda. Essencially, there's only one main guy, with a number of girls around him - slightly Love Hina-esque), violence (like the second season of GANTZ.. much... ripping apart. Not a lot of weapon violence).
Moral: We're all too distrusting and unkind... if we aren't so much so, we'd make better friends.

The ending was... argh. They ended with someone at the door, but they didn't show who it was.. I'm assuming it's someone that might have died. But I'm not sure. And the old grandfather clock worked.

The music used was pretty. And sad, much.

Pity only parts of the manga have been translated... I'm not sure if it'd be better than the anime though... I read the manga first, and while there was certainly more damage done to some characters... it mirrored the anime enough that I ended up watching it on 4X speed.

Erm. Yeah. It's good. But bloody. But good. 'cause it made me cry, at the end. I'm so silly.
Neko (lofulah)

Mrrr... Permanent Accounts.

$149.50 (yes, I have a 50¢ coupon. Go me. ::snorts::)

Yes / No?


Support LiveJournal. Kinda.
100 Userpics that I'll never use.
I can finally update my style to S2 and set up my own crap. Wheee. Maybe better crap too. Sorry, it's 3:15 AM. Mind not the language.
Other Paid Journal Perks.
Phone Posts! And image space. The latter being nice and would be useful. At least I think we get space...?
Personal Mood themes~ (I think)

$150... Weep.
What if.. what if livejournal dies in the next 4 years? Then...... yeah.
Do I actually need those functions? The point of my livejournal is the content, not the pictures or the styles...

$150 could buy me some spiffy toys. Or books and CDs.

I'm going to bed. 20 hours remaining to make up my mind.

I also need to figure out what's wrong with my American Express card. It doesn't work. =o.O= I think their online activation system is broken...
Neko (lofulah)

For future reference...

When they say 4.7 GB DVDs (1 "GB" = 1000000000 bytes), it's actually 4.3772161 GB (1024-sized bytes)

4680000000 bytes, apparently, is the safe side... that translates to 4.35858965 GB

So in reality, that's 6.375994 CDs per DVD. Rounding it off to 6 CDs per DVD, we get 8.3 = 9 DVDs per stack of 50 CDs, in terms of conversion. Or, if we go for nicer numbers, 10 DVDs every stack of 60. I've got... 600 CDs. 100 DVDs, but I don't intend on backing up that much, methinks. 'cause there's still more stuff on my computer to back up. Sigh.

I need to start on my S2 style... probably will use the base layout I made for xella - after all, I had designed it to handle multiple sorts of things. Must find it though.. ::makes a note to hunt for e-mails and archived codes at some point soon::

...100 userpics. Jeeze, I'm never going to use them all. Need to try out phoneposting. And e-mail based posting - posting by texting in from my cell would be spiffy - and possible now, with e-mail based posting. Anyone have random song requests in terms of a phonepost? 'cause I don't have anything in mind, really... mind, if I do sing in a phonepost, it will be locked friends only, possibly with more than normal friends-only filters... must protect the relatively innocent. Kinda. Maybe.

right. 'nuff babbling out of me. time to burn more DVDs and get back to socket programming.