June 9th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

anime... anime... and more anime.

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Why? 'cause it's ADV. ::makes a face::

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This goes back to my dream of being able to keep almost all anime ever released, or at least, fansubbed, in existence. Must save the works of art. (Yes, that's why hentai titles are less important - they're not (usually) works of art. It's a bit unfair, yes, but with limited resources, a line needs to be drawn somewhere.)

There's a few ADV things I could probably just buy the DVD for... Hyper police, for example. But I think I still have the fansubbed version, and... yeah.
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Neko (lofulah)

Whee~ DDR

There's only 8 more songs on light that don't have a score. And I've managed to get B or better on the first 20 or so songs in light. Goal: To get scores on all of the songs in both light and standard, with B or better in lights.

Working on doubles as well~ they're fun, 'cause there's more moving, instead of just stepping on the normal 4 pads.

Mmm, what I'd give to get Pump It Up pads and the game - they've got better visuals, by far.

I _still_ need to get my xanga->LJ and LJ->xanga bridges running.