July 23rd, 2005

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Tremane flunks Real Life gracefully.
God: Kauri Alignment: immaculate Class: illusionist
Race: human Age: 80 Sex: male
Level: 28 Trains: 1 Practices: 0
Gold: 4 Silver: 435 Wimpy: 0

Hit: 185 /200 Mana: 347 /347 Move: 367 /380
[>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.] [>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>] [>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.]

You have scored 29639 experience (811 to next level).
You are represented by Sicarius and of gentleman rank.
You are heavily burdened and standing.

You are affected by the following spells:
Spell: detect invis modifies none for 3 hours
Spell: detect good modifies none for 3 hours
Spell: doppelganger modifies none for 0 hours
Spell: shield modifies ac for 5 hours
Spell: stone skin modifies ac for 5 hours
Spell: warmth modifies none for 0 hours
Spell: reflection modifies none for 0 hours
Spell: detect evil modifies none for 5 hours

Those >>>>> they're now in color! And yes, they are bars that show you your life and mv. So spiffy.

Whee, people are still online too. 5, though... the imms, mosstly. Antoinett, Alander..
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Neko (lofulah)


Whee, customized google homepage.


But I'm not too sure I like it.. it tends to generate extra clutter. ::sigh::

However, this is cool. As you search, google shows you the number of results, and searches based on the stuff you've typed in so far.

All of this and more, from Google Labs: http://labs.google.com/

There's also a web accelerator that I can't use... http://webaccelerator.google.com/

A9.com, on the other hand is also pretty spiffy. I like their searching category choices. And searching there gives me a π/2% discount at Amazon, which is nice too (yay, I can save ≈1.57%) And they have pretty good search results... similar enough to google. Or perhaps a9 uses google? o.O
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Neko (lofulah)


The national tour will begin March 7-April 15, 2006, at the Colonial Theatre in Boston before returning to Chicago (where it made its world premiere), this time at the Cadillac Palace Theatre April 18-June 4, 2006. Dates at Washington, D.C.'s National Theatre have also been announced for June 7-July 9, 2006. Further stops at major cities in the U.S. and Canada as well as casting are yet to be announced.

Haha, I know what I'll be seeing come next summer.
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