September 8th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)


~reaffirmation: of who i am~

I live for life.

I live life to experience the joys,
time passing,
life around me,
rejoicing in raising my voice in harmony to the wind, the water, the sun, the earth.

I live to laugh,
to help others laugh, live.

I live for myself,
for my friends,
my family.

I live for strangers,
to smile and offer a hand when they need it.

I live to see things grow around me.
To smell the flowers.
To listen to the wind in the trees.

This is why I live.

In Life's Name, And For Life's Sake, I Say That I Will Use The Art For Nothing But The Service Of That Life. I Will Guard Growth And Ease Pain. I Will Fight To Preserve What Grows And Lives Well In Its Own Way; And I Will Change No Object Or Creature Unless Its Growth And Life, Or That Of The System Of Which It Is Part, Are Threatened. To These Ends, In The Practice Of My Art, I Will Put Aside Fear For Courage, And Death For Life, When It Is Right To Do So- Till Universe's End.
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Neko (lofulah)

iTunes 5.0

As well as a quicktime update.

iTunes 5.0 completely changes the GUI - now it's... mmm... it looks better, I think. Less rounded, but that means you get more of the amount of space it takes up on your screen.

Hmm. Smart shuffle option. That's kinda spiffy.


Snark. There's now a "Parental" preference pane - allowing podcasts, the entire music store, and shared music to be disabled. There's also the option to restrict explicit content.


Oooh, our local best buy has the graphire3 now! Wasn't there yesterday night! That means no shipping costs... dropping it down to $66 with tax, after rebate. That's.... 30-40% off their listed price. Hell, that's cheaper than eBay prices.