September 28th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

Full Metal Alchemist - Movie

It's out! It's a Fork sub though, and a cam (camcorder recording) on top of that.

Grabbing it anyways. Not gonna watch it until... probably this weekend. And maybe not even then. Garh.


[append] eh, heh, heh... this is quite bad. Using ourTunes, I've managed to grab about 2+ GB of mp3s, and it's still going. As much as I want to explore random chinese/taiwanese music, I think I might be overdoing it a bit.... ^^;;
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Neko (lofulah)

Off dealmac, External 250 GB USB 2.0 for $108

Buffalo 250GB USB 2.0 Hard Drive for $100 after rebates
Matched on subscription to category "USB hard drives"

Fry's offers the Buffalo 250GB USB 2.0 Hard
Drive, model no. HD-HB250U2, for $159.99. Mail-in rebates of
$30 and $30 cut it to $99.99. (One of the rebate links is
currently broken, however, you can visit this link to have
the rebates sent in the mail.) With about $8 shipping, it's
the lowest total price we could find by $64. This drive runs
at 7200 rpm. Rebates end September 30.

This is probably the cheapest I've seen for an external drive of this size...
Neko (lofulah)

Well, that's one done...

With two more hour exams to go.

::dripping sarcasm:: Yipee.

11 hours of work this weekend.
ECE385 stuff for next week's not done yet.
CS225 stuff to be started.
CS hour exam monday.
ECE210 exam tomorrow.


[append] I really, _REALLY_ need to finish my S2 layout for my livejournal. Garrrh.