November 6th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

Google?q=failure ==> Bush

How I heard about this...

Official Google Blog: Googlebombing 'failure'

Our white house failure is even noted in Wikipedia, as an example under the entry for Googlebomb

Interestingly enough, President failure links to Jimmy Carter first, although Presidential failure does work correctly.

And yes, miserable failure does work as well. Google search link here.

...There's a good chance that this googlebomb will fall apart soon, given the recent attention.
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Neko (lofulah)

Today, 20 years & almost 18 hours on this earth...

Yes, I was born at 6:06 AM, on Nov. 6, according to my birth certificate. So yes, it's more or less a lucky number. 6, that is. Or if you take out everything else, I'm the devil. Huh...

To everyone that wrote a happy birthday message on my wall, thank you. I'd go around and thank people individually, but I think I got around 20 wall birthday wishes...

...and an eCard from Anika. Whoo~ she remembers me (and my birthday!). =^^= Even through the last time we spoke was when I visited Northwestern last year...

And to my family, who sent a card. And money.

I do believe more interesting birthday message was from Sharon, being "Happy 10100 birthday!". You geek, you. =^.^=

Most surprising (as in, there was no reason for her to leave a message, since we haven't spoken since... goodness knows when. I knew her in middle school, talked once on AIM during high school... and friend-ed her on the facebook in college.) was from Jinny J.


Mmm, the day was only decent, in terms of normal days. Vague random scatterings of depression after lunch, resulting in the hiding under bomber throw for a while. And then spent 7 hours at the J-Net Culture Night. For which I need to upload pictures to people. Noting....noted.

Also, the november version of the serial box is out. Applies to any mac users out there that need it. IM me, and I'll pass you the link once you're non-law-enforcement status is confirmed. ;D