November 23rd, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

Barenaked on a stick

Barenaked Ladies are offering their songs on a USB 2.0 flash drive.

via fbartho.

It's not bad at all, actually, considering how the same number of songs would go for about the same price on iTunes, as one person noted in a customer review...
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Neko (lofulah)

'cause it was mentioned on youngwizards

I will meet the cruel and the cowardly today, liars and the envious, the uncaring and unknowing: they will be all around. But their numbers and their carelessness do not mean I have to be like them. For my own part, I know my job; my commission comes from Those Who Are. My paw raised is Their paw on the neck of the Serpent, now and always. I shall walk through Their worlds as do the Powers that Be, seeing and knowing with Them and for Them, tending Their worlds as if they were mine: for so indeed they are. Silently shall I strive to go my way, as They do, doing my work unseen; the light needs no reminding by me of good deeds done by night. And in this long progress through all that is, though I will know doubt and fear in the strange places where I must walk, I will put these both aside, as the Oath requires, and hold myself to my work ... for if They and I together cannot mend what is marred, who can—? And having done my work aright, though I may know weariness at day's end, come awakening I shall rise up and say again, with Them, as if surprised, "behold, the world is made new ... !"

As well as,
I will meet the terminally clueless today, idiots, and those with hairballs for brains, and those whose ears need a good shredding before you can even get their attention. I do not have to be like them, even though I would dearly love to hit them hard enough to make the empty places in their heads echo ...

Edit: These are the meditations, and the mocking-meditation version, via the feline wizard series, by Diane Duane. May she write more.