November 25th, 2005

Neko (lofulah)

Damnit. Stupid internet...

I missed out on at least 5 good deals (250 GB hard drive for $60, free DVD-Rs, free bluetooth adaptor, DVD+/-RW Dual Layer drive for $34 (Arrragh, I could have used that one!), etc.) all because I didn't have any internet at home, so I missed the deals when they came out.

Oh well, it means money saved. XP Grr.
Neko (lofulah)

lasagna pictures

It involved 'bout 6 pieces of lasagna noodle stuff, 3 slices of provolone, two sausages, and approximately an entire jar of Prego's Hearty Meat: Three Meat Supreme.

Heated the noodles (future self reference: takes a while. Not an instant lunch thing.)
then dumped in a small layer of sauce, one noodle, more sauce, another noodle, some provolone, sliced sausages, sauce... etc.