January 13th, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Oooh, traffic lights go from red to yellow...

Today, I witnessed traffic lights go from green to yellow to red, then back to yellow.

I was driving back home from Lady's house (well, stopped at Giant for butter that my mom wanted), and saw the light change to yellow, then red, and was like, oh fudge... more waiting. And then, was surprised to see the light turn back to yellow.

..ok, that sounded much more interesting in my head. Nevermind.

Other highlights of the night included....

Learned/witnessed the art of baking cookies from scratch. o.O following the chocolate chip recipe posted on the back of the chocolate chip packet though.

Things to note:
Butter/margine needs to sit outside and soften.
mixing eggs in, one at a time? o.O
Adding flour, a spoonful each time...

and erm... that's 'bout it. Well, seeing Lady, of course. Fixed her strange printer problem.

Drop off midi adaptor for Lady's dad (test it first.)
finish converting the rest of the EC site. XP

[edit] traffic lights were blinking yellow/red - at 12:30. Which was the cause of the red to yellow change.
Neko (lofulah)


The problem with LJ is we all know far too much about each other, effectively turning us all into Big Brother. So I want you to post something completely made-up and fictitious about me, something that has little to no basis in reality. Then post this in your LJ to help our campaign of misinformation and chaos spread throughout the information juggernaut that is LJ.

-via jai-not?

Although, honestly, if you wanted to spread misinformation, and since it says to specifically spread misinformation, one would assume the comments are actually false. So posting something true would be more effective. But assuming that people might actually post something true, under the cloak of "this isn't true", then.......