January 21st, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Links, from various people

(Namely porsupah and selphish)

MD Judge Strikes Down Gay-Marriage Ban!

All the recent news about subdomain hack-protection, now summarized in amusing quick statements:
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For the geek inclined, an article/page on Mac's firmware system (equiv to PC BIOS)

...Again, yes, I'll post more about my actual life/current state of being at some near point in the future. Hopefully. I doubt people are actually curious anyhow, but I still need to record what's going on. Somewhat. Brief highlights include Job seeking (one interview, one opportunity missed.), T.I.S. work for 4 hours a day (and developing creative ways to tell the customer, "I don't know."), First week of classes (and several letters warning me of my current class selection)