January 23rd, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Hmm, homeless person's ideas...

At least I'm assuming he's homeless. He was wandering 'bout with an american flag, the Blood of the Fold book, and a cardboard sheet with stuff on it. He wasn't that shaggy, but... he was close to it.

And he just spent 30 minutes rambling odd ideas. That probably wouldn't work.

Oh, and he's convinced that he's God. o.O

-Use drugs to cure cancer. Err, fight fire with fire idea. And that, drugs that make you think you're uber powerful should be used to latch onto T-cells and other immune system thingies to make them think their powerful.

-Hovercars. Using magnets. Told him it was already done, although he had some idea of dual strips of magnets on the bottom of cars, and varying field intensity to turn and such. Told him that it wouldn't work ^^;; 'cause no one wants to pave our roads with magnets. Yet.

-Space flight. Using magnets. Or gravity. Essentially, controlling gravity (tracker beam aimed at a planet to pull you towards it. Won't work 'cause we don't have gravity field control yet, and you'd move the planet. Unless you somehow mirror quantum effects of gravity on a far away location onto a local area.)
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Neko (lofulah)

Egads, I'm losing time already

Yeah. Time loss. I don't know where it went, although I do know: sleeping 10 hours was nice, and ece329 worries me already.

I have pixy stixs. Hehehe.

To do tomorrow:
Turn in homework, stay awake in class (nap midday will probably help), return ece329 book (still waiting for my own copy to come in the mail), physics homework, improv comedy watching, e-mailing tax crap, and something else non-...linear (currently still unspecified).

I need more exercise, of some sort. Or at least muscles need to be stretched.
Neko (lofulah)

PuyoPuyo Fever

Yeah, so err, I lost the past hour to the PuyoPuyo Fever game for MacOS X. It's pretty. And completely in Japanese ^^;;

I'll post more screenshots at some point, but here's my final score:

Keys, shown first player (second player):
w-a-s-d (u-h-j-k) are the up-left-down-right keys
v (o) will rotate, and select in the selection screens, and increment the continue? counter
b (p) will rotate, and cancel in the selection screens, and increment the continue? counter
Enter (Space) = select
command-R will reset the game and bring you back to the opening screen.

Note: There are second player keys, which, when hit during VS. Computer mode, will stop the current game and bring you to the VS. Player select screen.

If anyone is looking for instructions, I don't have them, but here's what I've figured out so far.
Options on the yellow screen, from left to right:
VS. Computer, VS. Human, Puzzle/Fever mode, Options

VS. Computer Menu: (assumed)
Basic/Training mode, Main/Story? mode, ? mode, Custom battle [edited]

VS. Human Menu:
?, ?, ?, Custom battle

Puzzle/Fever Menu:
?, ?, ?

Options Menu (from top to bottom):
?, ?, ?, Replay, ?Controllers, maybe?, Exit

After each battle, you'll be asked if you want to save the replay, and you can choose yes (left) or no(right).
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