January 31st, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Google and China Censorship

I work in an industry that Google may half-destroy, but last week I sympathized with the gobbler of all ad revenue. Google was beaten up in the media for bowing to censorship in China, even though plenty of news organizations sell their wares in countries where they get censored. Meanwhile, the dilemma of censorship turned personal for me. A Chinese publisher expressed interest in my recent book on the World Bank -- provided that certain passages were deleted.
-Washington Post, S. Mallaby
posted Jan 30, 2006, Article Print link

Bloggers discover hole in Google censorship:
Essentially, you just spell your searches incorrectly. Since google spellchecks for you... you get the results you're digging for.
-Article posted on PCPro.co.uk
Neko (lofulah)

Slashdot-esque (digg.com),LCDpxDeathfix,OSX,Proxy,WPA2

Mostly a link dump entry:

On fixing a dead LCD Pixel:

Must have mac software:

VTunnel, proxy type thing? Gets you through to gmail and other such things requiring form data using the POST method to be forwarded. (err, as opposed to GET, which dumps stuff into your destination URL.)

WPA2 Basics:
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