February 25th, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Linux Driver Links


For later, when I get stuck on MP2. 'cause I know I'm going to get stuck.


Oh, and about LiveJournal's autosave.. it's awesome. Saving once every... 30 seconds, I believe, to the livejournal server, so for my earlier rant, I actually wrote it on two different public computers, starting it on a iMac in the labs, and moving over to the ECE391 computer lab (pretty and new Dell systems).

So yes, it saves to the livejournal server. Not into a cookie on your browser. Again, so cool. =^^= Need to take a look at the code sometime to see how it's saved... Obviously, it gets saved to the database, but the question is, are they saving it as an entry, and making it private, and labeling the subject "autosave" or something? Because the subject field isn't saved. Don't know about the other fields...