March 25th, 2006

Neko (lofulah)


Thoughts, as they hit me:

Sound issues abound. And we got to see windows shut down on the pretty scrim they had set up.

Mmm, one or two late or early spotlights...

Actors weren't louder than the pit.

The ramps that extended from the stage were interesting though.

Hm, little-chris (Chris Y.) went onstage, interestingly enough. Mmm, I don't think I recognized anyone else. Oh, other than the other TD. Mmm, didn't see little Bailey.

Hm, let's see.. there were some really good singers, including Adriana, who played Mother, and mmm, don't remember. Little-Chris was pretty good. Brooker T. Washington's mic kept dying though, although volume issues went for just about everyone, and enunciation problems.. meh.

The cast was insanely large. The little flyer at the front of the book says 80 students. o.O They had to take turns bowing in the end.

I'm actually surprised that it costed more for operating supplies than for lighting. But yeah, that scrim is Nice.

Mmm, a few dark patches for lighting, but otherwise general coverage was fine. One of the spotlights kept talking at some point. And I could hear them. Shut up, yo.

Errm. What's with the influx of little asian girls? o.O There was a lot of them, for some odd reason.

Hm, I have the Ragtime CDs, UK version, apparently, but still Original Broadway Cast. Poke me if I should post up a copy.
Neko (lofulah)

Hey, so it's true, people that say, "I'm smart" really aren't... [edit | whoops, wrong person, eh heh heh... ]

Yeah, there's his e-mail. Mostly because my journal is searchable by google, and I'd dearly love to poke this city manager person and see just how bad his reading comprehension skills are.

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Link via tytso.

Reading the story may require some technical knowledge:
Often, when you first install Apache, the server "program" that serves up webpages, there's a default test page to let you know that everything is working properly. It's usually a page that tells you that "Congrats, you have successfully installed Apache." In this case, it also included the operating system name and banner, notably, "CentOS", a free OS.

In this case, the city manager got something like this:
when he tried to access "his" website. It's the default page for the CentOS Apache installation, more or less. But the city manager didn't understand this.... go read the story, you should be able to follow it now.

My comments on the stupidity:
a) Not "your" website. It's your city's website, I believe.
b) "...before I report it to government officials". I thought you're the city manager.. aren't you a government official?
c) The more "!" and "?" marks indicate increased stupidity on the side of the user. It's a law somewhere, look it up. XD
d) The fact that the city manager just isn't thinking or reading what's being written to him disgusts me. Granted, we all do that once in a while, but you'd think, that after three or four times, you'd re-read the words? maybe it is true that them in the higher up positions like bullets and points. They can't handle sentences anymore.

"...If you will not let me help you, find someone you know who is computer
literate and has heard of Linux to look at your problem. I am trying
very, very hard to save you from great embarrassment.

You may certainly call the FBI if you want. I may call some law
enforcement agency or attorney myself if you don't stop throwing around
accusations and stop threatening me without just cause.

Please, for the love of God, either let me help you or talk to a
computer administrator who can help you with your problem..."
And he's even really, really nice. I need to try out CentOS.

And now, the beautiful line spoken only by those who really are morons, "I am computer literate! I have 22 years in computer systems engineering and operation."

Kinda like proclaiming, "I'm smart. I know everything."

:: sighs:: I would really have loved to see a report filed to the FBI. Then again, they probably won't do much anyhow...

Hm, been picked up by theregister as well.

[append | 3/25/06 11:35 AM]
And it's on wikipedia too, forgot to mention that.
Neko (lofulah)

80 GB hard drive, $10 after rebates.

Probably more like $17 after shipping+tax+whatgiveyou.

Still, pretty good. Maybe if there wasn't shipping it'd be cheaper.. dunno. No clue, I'm not that interested in it.

Going back to illinois tomorrow. 'cept it's more like early morning, 'cause that's when we'll be leaving for my sister's piano competition. I get dropped off afterwards. Lovely.

Work accomplished this break: 0.

I don't think I should come home to maryland on break, expecting to get work done. It just doesn't happen. It's not that there's too many distractions, but there's just... more stuff to do. Drive my sister around, wander around online. And when I do try to study, it's noisy. -.-;;; Without an iPod and headphones to wander off to some closet somewhere, it's hard to block out everything else. And using my computer isn't much of an option there; I tend to go online.
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