May 16th, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Huh. Quick plans for the next few days...

Since the summer is starting to run away from me again, and nothing's getting done...

To doaccomplish tomorrow:
-Get room cleaned. It's a mess of old magazines, assorted textbooks, cds, junk, papers, suitcases. And getting work done in this sort of environment tends to be a bit slower.
--Sort out bills. XP Half done today, just need to get the paper side sorted.
-Get computer cleaned up - start burning off DVDs of stuff from the external hard drive, so proper backups can resume.

To accomplish by the end of the week:
-AJAX. Start toying around with it. Make something that'll play with images. Or make images/graphs based on data, or something. Must find out what I can do with it, and what sort of "tool" it is.
-J-Net website. I ought to throw in content and put it up officially.
-Review perl and Java. The latter is for AJAX, but the former.. it's been a while since I've coded anything. Maybe we'll set up something to screenscrape facebook for addresses. I meant to do a cocoa app for that, but never really started.

It'd also be nice to see people.
Neko (lofulah)

Yum~ fast downloading~

Downloading at a 680-800 KB/s. Over my home wireless. Mmm... I think I need to use wireless more often. Somehow, wired only gets me 300 KB/s. o.O Granted, it's going through my dad's switches for his home-brew computing cluster, which... shouldn't be that much slower, but, eh, it is traveling the entire length of the house.

Yum, indeed. Shall have Alan Moore's comics, and some 4 GB of String Quartet Tributes to such-and-such, most of which I don't already know. But collectable~

^^;; I collect too much, sometimes. Oh well. "Archived information, for future generations!"
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Neko (lofulah)

TigerDirect... How could you?

At the top of their advertisement e-mail:
"TigerDirect recommends Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional."


Granted, I don't buy from them anymore, but... ewwwww. Now I'm even less likely to buy stuff from them.
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