July 11th, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Javascript login authentication...

We'll generate a new challege string. This will be composed of:
- a random lifespan
- a random character
- and probably the mysql key for the row we're temporarily storing our randomness in.
We'll encode this in MD5 and send it to the client as the challenge.
Client encodes (password+challenge) with MD5 and sends this back to us.
We compare MD5(password+challenge) with what client replies with.
If they match, they're authenticated.

Did I get that right? I've been reading various articles and also looking at livejournal code. I'm pretty sure it's right, as... even if the MD5 hash gets intercepted by someone in the middle, they can't guess the password, since it'll be quite different each time: changing one letter in the string used to generate MD5 will result in a vastly different MD5 hash, if my memory isn't lying. And our challenge string will be different each time.
Neko (lofulah)

Varied links.

Via porsupah:
Get paid to watch gay porn: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/etc/180502708.html
Not too bad if you're desperate for money. And can stand watching gay porn.

Although one might think, if you watch at 2x speed, you get get through things a lot quicker, which means clocking more hours than you actually spend, so at $14/hr... :: shrugs:: If I wasn't already overwhelmed by two projects and a lack of time, I'd consider it~

(possibly of note to marbenais, although I don't know how truly bright these are)
10 year glow sticks. Uses tritium...? (radioactive isotope of hydrogen, apparently)
...laser sealed borosilicate glass vials which are internally coated with phosphor injected with gaseous tritium which reacts with the phosphor to create a cold energy which produces a low level light source...

(Hm, here: http://www.copsden.com/blank?pageid=54&catstart=0&prodstart=0, it says 12 years is their warranty. Also, tritium things are controlled by Nuclear Regulatory Commission, so shipping them here from UK might cause issues?)

And finally, The.Secret.Life.Of.Machines? Movies, three parts(?), each about a GB. o.O

Torrent tracker here: http://poly.peptide.net:6969/. Yes, they're legal. See here: http://www.timhunkin.com/control/n_tv_index.htm (eh, you'll have to browse around a bit.
Neko (lofulah)

Internal SATA 400 GB for $70

Hitachi Deskstar 7K400 400GB Serial ATA Internal Hard Drive for $65 after rebate
Matched on subscription to category "hard drives"

TigerDirect.com offers the Hitachi Deskstar 7K400 400GB
Serial ATA-150 Internal Hard Drive, model no. 0A30229, for
$144.97 . That's already a price low. This $80 mail-in
rebate slashes it to $64.97. With $6.99 for shipping, that's
by far the lowest total price we've ever seen for a 400GB
SATA hard drive. This model operates at 7200 rpm and
features an 8MB cache. Rebate ends August 31.

Click here for updates or to snap up this deal now:

[posted via lj_bot on jabber!]

Hey, hey, not bad! =^^= I kinda wanna check to see if it supports other languages, like chinese or japanese. But there's other features I kinda wish for first. Like an option to change what journal you're posting to... pulling up a list of entries, deleting entries, editing entries... Editing would probably be the hardest. Might also need an option to make the bot wait for more, if jabber has a message size limit. Something like perl's <<BLAH, which forces everything after BLAH to a string, until it hits another BLAH alone on one line, or in this case, one message.

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Neko (lofulah)

Huh, shame, shame, shame!

Here's something rather nasty; Some guy (Dr Lance D Chambers JP a.k.a. lance1949) on eBay is selling someone else's work. And not only that, he refuses to take it down after contacted. Although he does have the balls to go to the post and comment.

Original post.

The cheat sheets:

It's been shoved onto digg, although with little impact:

Here's the guy's eBay store, search trimmed for "sheet"

And it's not just the stuff from ilovejackdaniels. He's also stealing from some guy named Laurent Grégoire:
Notice how in eBay, the image doesn't include the Copyright notice....

And also this Oracle Server Architecture cheat sheet:
Again, with the copyright stripped.

Both of the above are listed here: http://www.digilife.be/quickreferences/quickrefs.htm

Shame, I say, SHAME ON THEE, lance1949!

[append] here's a pretty spiffy blog entry by the guy who runs ilovejackdanels.com (Dave Child).

10 ways to improve your website sale, essentially. Which actually applies to the stuff I'm building, but in a different way, as we're not selling products or services... yet.
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