August 19th, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Alrighty, this is Ben, signing off...

Flight at 9:36, 1401NW, IAD->DTW->CMI.

Sleep? zero. Whoops? Will nap on plane.

Packed... everything, we hope. Chargers, check. hard drives, check, cords, check. Crossing fingers and hoping luggage not over 50 lbs again. Mmm, should switch wrench to other checked luggage.

Planned arrival time is 5:30-ish PM. With a 4-5? layover. May try to get standby... maybe. Or I'll just sit and code.
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Neko (lofulah)

DTW airport

Note to self:
Wireless at south end of terminal? nwaworldclubs works. There's also an outlet to the right of the escalator down from the tram. So it's a pretty sweet and perfect location.

I still don't know what gate my flight is at - they apparently only show the upcoming 3-4 hours. :P

[append 4:12 PM]
located gate. Not being productive - trying instead to break into the WEP secured access points. I think I found the wep keys (via packet dumping - key is accepted by macosx, but nothing more than that?), but I can't seem to retrieve an IP address. And I'm not knowledgeable about it to figure out how yet...

Ok, arms tired. Posting and heading back to my gate.
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