September 18th, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Apple: iTV . . .

Somehow, I've managed to miss the large Apple announcements. Including this iTV thing . . .

Here's the article about iTV that caught my eye:

I heard about the new iPods too... New nano with up to 24 hours of playtime (which would rock - it'd last the entire flight back to Taiwan. Almost). And a smaller shuffle? Dunno. 80GB iPods. Mmmm....

And Apple's stock has risen back up to 74-ish, which is pretty high, ignoring the random 85+ peak almost a year ago.

Ok, I just saw the shuffle. iDrool.

'cause honestly? That could replace my current 1+ GB Rio Forge. 12 hours is a bit lower than my 20 hours for an AAA battery, but... no more replacing batteries! Damn you, Apple, you offer so many choices... Nano: 24 hours - . Shuffle: awesome smallness (people are going to lose theirs...) - $80. iPod: 80GB, movies!

I think I need to look around and sell my Rio Forge... 256 MB + 1 GB stick.
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