October 1st, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Ouran Host Club... and several other series.

Ouran High School Host Club is complete, by Lunar, 26 episodes. Funny, light-hearted series. Highly recommended. Granted, am probably biased, as the main female character reminded me of Karen-senpai ^^;; The last episode got a bit... corny though. ^^;;; But wrapped up the series relatively nicely. ::fuzzy content feeling:: This is a series I'd buy to rewatch, I think.

Also complete is Zero No Tsukaima. I watched the Kuroneko fansubs. Reminded me of Harry Potter + Mahou Sensei Negima... It's a not-really-obvious harem series, with one main male character and several girls who have some sort of interest in him. Stereotypical bookworm, mature lady, normal girl, and the young brat. Magic, alternate world. Borders on amusing BDSM occasionally (no more than the young brat girl threatening the main character with a riding crop/cane thing and demands that he wear a collar... - she summoned him from earth, as her "familiar". Usually, magicians get pets, like fire breathing lizards, moles, dragons... but uh, she got a human.)

I believe School Rumble has finished as well, with 26 episodes. That's more watchable on a random-episode basis though, but funny. :: shrugs::