October 8th, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

Mmmm, accomplishments

I finished (more or less), the style.css that could be applied to a layout that uses voxish/expressive, converting that into a quasi-Notebook layout.

And I finished writing the link-checking part of the RSS/Atom aggregator. So it looks like I can take almost any LWP::UserAgent acceptable url and grab that, parse for feed type (RSS vs. Atom), or if it's an HTML file, parse for feed links and then re-grab. Now I just need to push things into the database, merge the currently-command-line script into a CGI shell, and then that part will be kinda done.

'cause after that, we'll need to figure out how to pull said information back out of the database, and then feed that to the user. *dryly* Yayfor.

Tomorrow's going to be homework-day though. There's at least two assignments due on top of the usual weekly things.
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