October 15th, 2006

Neko (lofulah)

New Anime Series...

In semi-order of best to worst....

Death Note - Very interesting concept. Who would you kill if you had a notebook that would ensure the death of anyone who's name you wrote into it? You could specify cause of death, or let it default to a heart attack...

Pumpkin Scissors - Post war, centered around a war relief unit and one very strong anti-tank solder.

Kanon - Remember AIR? Here's Kanon. Slow, pretty, err... harem. Still, pretty.

D.Gray-man - Uh, simplified plot="group of people with special tools to combat evil things that are taking over the world by eating humans." Like Gatekeepers. Amusing, with a good dash of action. May watch more for sake of amusement.

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru - amusing series with a crossdressing main character (lousy reason: his grandmother wanted him to attend an all-girls school as her dying request/will/something or other). Like watching a train wreck in motion, without the annoying details of exactly how he's pulling off the boobs and such. Of course, he has some help...

Shounen Onmyouji - Something to do with magic, spirits, and feudal Japan uh... in the Heian period, I've been told. There's a 'pet' rabbit-like creature as the main character's 'familiar', but he transforms into a guy, with a complete personality change. Kinda.

Ghost Hunt - Skimmed. Series about hunting ghosts, I assume. (no really, baka) Uhm. Looks like this was just the intro, bringing in all the players. We shall have to wait another episode.

Busou Renkin - Much abused plot idea of guy who is uh, granted powers to save the world. Includes female sidekick who granted him said powers. Ranked at, or below Kiba, Zegapain, etc (which was mid-low grade, even though I'm still collecting and watching it.)

Yoake mae yori ruriiro na: Crescent Love - Humor, Harem. Doesn't look like much more than that...

Asatte no Houkou - Skimmed, doesn't look interesting yet.

Tokimeki Memorial - Skimmed. There was a school, a mad chase... aspects of a harem series. Doesn't look all that interesting.

Lovely Idol - Skimmed. Has something to do with singing girls. The episode ended with the agent of a group of girls approaching a girl who sang on the street - he asked her to join them, but said girl replied that she sang... for revenge. WTF? May have to watch more to see where that's going to go. Not expecting much though.

Happiness! - Skimmed. There's girls, magic, reminds me of Nanoha, but.. not as good or interesting.

Sumomo mo momo mo - Title reminds me of Bobo bobobobo. That hair anime series that was kinda funny, but I never saw more of. ^^;; The preview rambled something about creating the strongest child on earth... eps. 1 is downloading now, we shall see....
Neko (lofulah)

iBook woes.


Hah! So it's really not just me. I'm absurdly tempted to just take it apart and try some of the suggestions (tightening screws, finding the GPU and adding a shim of some sort..). 'cause if that fixes the problem...... Meh. I don't have a week to wait on Apple to repair the machine.

Most interesting was the post by "iantm",
As a service technician who oversees a 2000 unit deployment of 1ghz 12" iBook G4's, the video chipset failing is an unusual failure path (1 every two months). Another factor in logic board failure that I've come across has been heavy use. Units that see a lot of heavy use in settings other than on a desk have a higher failure path than units who only see desk use (while still being transported from place to place.

The primary point of failure I've observed with the iBook G4 logic boards has been where the unit fails POST, won't chime, spins the fan at full speed, and provides no backlight or video. Once at this point, nothing resolves the issue. Resetting the PMU doesn't resolve the matter, the suggestions with the video chip also don't help, which leads me to believe that the point of failure is somewhere else.

Which is almost exactly like my problem, with the exception that I do get backlight, but no video and the fans spin at full speed.

And the iBook does get put through heavy use.

Actually, I do have the Apple Service Manuals... so technically, I do have the instructions to take the damn thing apart, and they shouldn't be able to tell the difference.......... maybe? o.O
Neko (lofulah)


Feeling really spazzy. Don't know why. Not getting work done as a result. Garrrh. I need something besides school, anime, and music. Probably a social life or whatever them normal peoples call that stuff. I'm turning into those crazy people who talk to themselves, mwahahaha. The world shall be mine.

-ECE329 homework for THIS ENTIRE WEEK.
-IB150 homework.
-Remember that ice skating starts tomorrow morning! *squee*
-Talk to Apple resellers about buying a laptop for 7-8 days.
-Call up Apple to request The Box, if the above is successful.
-Maybe STAT400 homework?
-Run errands planned for this weekend.

Alright, let's do this.