December 14th, 2006

Neko (lofulah)


That was bad. Very bad.

I could have prepared more, definitely, and it was my fault for slacking and not designing my own cheat sheet (and using someone else's from last semester).

On the bright side, this means I have more motivation to ace the CLCV115 exam.

But according to my calculations, as with all my other classes, I pass STAT400 (I think... fuck, would be bad if I didn't...) regardless of how badly I do, presuming I don't completely fail the final exam, of course. The grade just won't be too pretty.

There goes hopes for a lot of Bs and As.
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Neko (lofulah)

Huh. Despite being upset about the exam...

...strangely, I'm in a very upbeat, cheerful mood.

Neko, you're like a puppy. The world could kick you and you'd just keep coming back...

Hey, I resent that. Things do knock me down for a while. It happens. Go back to your corner... >.>

It's wonderful out today. There's that crisp clarity that you get on some very nice autumn days, when the sky is a beautiful blue. The wind is blowing just hard enough in the right direction, so I don't have to pedal.

It's beautiful.

Although, I guess it probably also has to do with talking to several people online. Getting very small compliments. And, listening, and then offering probably-unnecessary advice. And since I promised, lemme invoke the usual out-of-sight-out-of-mind forgetfulness~ consider it forgotten.. now.

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Neko (lofulah)

Psiphon created - the way to get through web blocking in other countries. - original post on the thing.

Server is now up and running. Painless install, although router had to be configured, so it's still not exactly a user-friendly thing.

(Todo: Write a script that will attempt to set up routers. That would be spiffy. Good javascript project?)

Should be reachable at (Up and running. Certificate is selfgenerated, so uh, connection is secured in the idea that there's encryption. But there's no guarrentee that the server you're reaching is actually me.)

Username and Password creation upon request. Currently friends and friends-of-friends only. As in, if I know you on LJ, comment with a desired username, and I'll make an account for you and send you the password.

[edit] Ok, it works. There's no https support (aka, can't check gmail e-mail, can't visit sites that require secure http). But since I can't hide it so it only shows up in the system bar, I'm not going to be running it unless someone actually needs the thing.
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Neko (lofulah)

LiveJournal changes!

More styles, LJ Talk (that jabber thing that most of my friends don't use. ¬.¬) is now an option for receiving notifications.

The Journal Posting/Editing page has been updated (oooh, history!). It's a bit prettier. And basic support for image adding is included (like Vox, but... here on livejournal!)

Other people can tag your entries if you let them (us?). Set settings here:

Mine have been modified so certain people can tag my entries. The options seem kinda backwards; I would have thought "Who can add existing tags to entries?" should be on top. (It's the more restrictive one: it keeps people from adding, say, "S3X0rs!" randomly, provided that that tag has never been used by you before.)